Dark Energy and Expanding Universe

learn on Dark Energy and Expanding Universe

Dark energy exists because much of the observed and visible universe behavior cannot be explained with visible matter or energy. Visible matter and energy does not account for the much of the phenomina exist around our universe. Concept of dark energy is missing gravity that prevents galaxies from flying off. It account from missing mass of 80% of the universe. It accounts for defying predition of big bang. The Universe is not uniform as big bang predicted.

In an expanding universe, the dark matter density declines more quickly than the dark energy density and over time the dark energy dominates. Specifically, when the volume of the universe doubles, dark matter density is halved but the dark energy density is nearly unchanged which is constant as stated with cosmological constant.

Phantom energy is where the Big Rip causes an exponentially increasing expanding universe where it overcomes the gravitation of the local group and tears apart our Virgo supercluster which in turn tears apart the Milky Way Galaxy, our solar system, and finally even atoms. Measurements of galaxy acceleration is critical in determining the ultimate fate of the expanding universe.

, however we should expect the implications of such a major discovery to develop slowly over many years in the same way the big bang model has continued to develop.

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